Schulung: IBM CL450G - Implementation and Use of DB2 BLU Acceleration

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This course is designed to teach you how to:
- Implement DB2 BLU Acceleration, column-organized table support, for a new or existing DB2 database.

- Describe how the column dictionaries used for DB2 BLU Acceleration are built and utilized to provide extreme compression for column-organized tables.

- Explain the default workload management used for DB2 BLU Acceleration processing and how you can tailor the WLM objects to efficiently use system resources.

- Monitor a DB2 database or application that uses column-organized tables using SQL monitor functions.

You get practical experience in the planning and utilization of a the DB2 BLU Acceleration functions, using DB2 LUW commands, utilities and SQL statements performing a lab exercise using DB2 Advanced Enterprise Edition 10.5 installed on a Linux platform.

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- DB2 10.5 BLU Acceleration Concepts

- DB2 10.5 BLU Acceleration Implementation and Use

- Exercise 1:Using DB2 BLU Acceleration to improve performance for analytics query processing.

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This is an intermediate course for DB2 LUW experienced database administrators who support DB2 for UNIX, Windows, and Linux databases and want to learn more about the DB2 BLU acceleration capabilities in DB2 10.5.


You should have completed:
- DB2 10 for LUW: Basic Administration for Linux and Windows (CL2X3) or

- DB2 10 for LUW: Basic Administration for AIX (CL213) or

- DB2 10.1 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows Quickstart for Experienced Relational DBAs (CL484)

- Or have equivalent experience


presentation, discussion, hands-on exercises, demonstrations on the system.

Dauer: 1 Tag (6 Stunden )
Nr. 36719
Dauer: 1 Tag (6 Stunden )
Nr. 36719
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