Schulung: IBM DW613G - IBM InfoSphere BigInsights Foundation

  • Präsenztraining

Describe functions and features of InfoSphere BigInsights
List the capabilities of Hadoop and HDFS

Administer HDFS

Describe the use of MapReduce

Setup a Hadoop cluster

Manage job execution

Explain the Oozie workflows

Describe some scenarios for loading data into HDFS

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This training course is for those who want a foundation of IBM InfoSphere BigInsights. It will give you an overview of IBM's Big Data strategy as well as a more detailed information on Apache Hadoop. It presents concepts required by a system administrator to work with the Hadoop Distributed File System and concepts of MapReduce that are required by a developer. It gives an introduction to the scheduling capabilities of Hadoop and how to use Oozie to control workflows and use Flume to load data into HDFS.

Day 1

Unit 1 - Introduction to Big Data

Unit 2 - Introduction to InfoSphere BigInsights

Exercise 1 - Installing BigInsights

Unit 3 - Apache Hadoop and HDFS

Exercise 2- Exploring Apache Hadoop

Unit 4 - GPFS-FPO

Unit 5 - BigInsights Web Console

Day 2

Exercise 3 - BigInsights Web Console

Unit 6 - Introduction to MapReduce - continued

Exercise 4 - MapReduce

Unit 7 - Adaptive MapReduce

Unit 8 - Setup and Configurations of BigInsights Clusters

Exercise 5 - Hadoop Configuration

Day 3

Unit 9 - Overview of Oozie

Exercise 6 - Scheduling with Oozie

Unit 10 - Managing Job Execution

Unit 11 - Moving Data into Hadoop

Exercise 6 - Using Flume for Data Loading

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This intermediate training course is for those who want a foundation of IBM InfoSphere BigInsights and is designed for system administrators and developers.


There are no prerequisites for this course. However, knowledge of Linux would be beneficial.


presentation, discussion, hands-on exercises, demonstrations on the system


Class language is German, student notebooks in English.

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