Schulung: IBM AN203G: PERL Programming for Open Systems

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This course concentrates on the core skills required to do effective Perl 5 programming. This course also introduces the extensive module library, with particular attention to using Perl for working with databases.

Learn the core skills required to be an effective Perl 5 programmer.

This course introduces the extensive module library, with emphasis on how to use Perl to work with databases.

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Have a firm grounding in the Perl language and be able to:

Write Perl scripts for data-processing, system administration, and other applications

Use modules from the Perl Module Library to improve your Efficiency


Simple data types

I/O using standard input and output

Flow control

Lists and arrays

Regular expressions

String and array processing

Multi-dimensional and associative arrays

User-defined subroutines

File I/O

Advanced flow control

Dealing with files and directories

Running perl

Report generation

Accessing operating system data

Running external programs

Introduction to modules

A database interface

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This advanced course is designed for individuals who want to use Perl to improve their productivity such as:
System administrators

Database administrators

Developers looking for a powerful programming environment

Tivoli administrators, etc.


You should have:
Familiarity with AIX/UNIX or Windows operating systems

Proficiency with a text editor, such as vi or emacs

Familiarity with shell scripting, C, or other procedural programming languages


presentation, discussion, hands-on exercises, demonstrations on the system

Dauer: 4 Tage (24 Stunden )
Nr. 37374
Dauer: 4 Tage (24 Stunden )
Nr. 37374
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