Schulung: IBM ES73G - IBM System z Parallel Sysplex Operations

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- Describe common sysplex terminology, concepts, and benefits provided by a Parallel Sysplex configuration
- Identify the basic hardware and software components that make up the Parallel Sysplex environment and how they are used

- Use z/OS MVS commands to identify XCF signaling and sysplex shared couple data set usage and to determine current operational status

- Describe CF operation; how and when the CFCC is loaded on a System z LPAR, the various CF link definitions and how they can be used

- Identify CF structure types, definition and allocation process, and how they are used in the CF

- Use z/OS MVS commands to display structure status

- Use CF operator commands to display and change the operational status of a CF

- Describe and demonstrate recommended procedures and typical z/OS MVS commands to manage sysplex members, coupling facilities, structure rebuilds, and couple data sets

- Identify potential problems during system removal, CF structure or CDS usage, and determine appropriate operator action

- Explain the differences and benefits of having stand-alone CF and internal CF configurations

- Describe the purpose and use of Sysplex Failure Manager and how SFM can be used to address sympathy sickness

- Explain why time synchronization is important and how server time protocol is used

- Describe console usage and mode of operation for a system and a sysplex

- Describe the IPL sequence and identify where and when sysplex activation is done during IPL

- Identify key areas with the IPL, explaining potential problems and how to avoid them

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Day 1


Unit 1: Sysplex overview

Unit 2: Coupling facility

Supporting labs

Day 2


Unit 3: Sysplex operation and recovery

Supporting labs

Day 3

Review and labs

Unit 4: Sysplex Failure Manager

Unit 5: Server Time Protocol operation

Unit 6: z/OS IPL flow

Supporting labs

Wer sollte teilnehmen:


The audience includes operations personnel and technical staff who are directly involved in the installation, operation, systems support, and software support of their Parallel Sysplex environment.


You should have an understanding of:

Basic data processing and I/O concepts and terminology

z/OS console operation, including display of device, job, and console status


presentation, discussion, hands-on exercises, demonstrations on the system.

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