Seminar \ nr. 36016

Schulung - IBM ZV20G - z/VM RACF and DIRMAINT Implementation

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Seminar Nr. : 36016
Dauer : 4 Tage (27 Stunden)

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This course introduces the students to the implementation of the DirMaint and RACF Security Server for z/VM program products. The class focuses on the required steps of implementing DirMaint and RACF Security Server for z/VM in the z/VM 6.3 environment. The students participate in hands-on labs where they install, tailor, and use these two program products from an end user and system programmer view point.

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The audience for this course is VM system programmers who are responsible for the support of Linux guest systems that require knowledge of DirMaint and RACF Security Server for z/VM.


You would need to attend Installing, Configuring and Servicing z/VM for Linux Guests (ZV062) or zVM and zLinux Bootcamp (ZL000) courses or have equivalent knowledge to successfully complete this course.



Day 1
- Welcome and Introductions

- Unit 1: DirMaint and RACF overview

- Unit 2: Dirmaint implementation

- Exercise 1: z/VM logon overview

- Exercise 2: DirMaint implementation

Day 2

- Unit 3: DirMaint operations and commands

- Exercise 3: DirMaint command and operation

- Unit 4: DirMaint additional topics and functions

- Exercise 4: DirMaint additional topics and functions

Day 3

- Unit 5: z/VM RACF implementation overview

- Unit 6: RACF implementation process

- Exercise 5: RACF implementation

Day 4

- Unit 7: RACF commands

- Exercise 6: RACF commands

- Unit 8: RACF functions and processes

- Exercise 7: RACF functions and processes

Day 5

- Unit 9: RACF auditing, backups, DSMON, and Report Writer

- Exercise 8: RACF auditing, backups, DSMON, and Report Writer



presentation, discussion, hands-on, excercises, demonstrations on the system.

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