Schulung: Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing (DCUCI)

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This course covers the implementation and operation of Cisco UCS in the data center, and is designed to serve the needs of engineers and technicians who implement Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) B-Series Blade Servers and Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount Servers.

You will be guided through rack installation and provisioning of server hardware, operating systems, hypervisors, and applications. Much of the content is devoted to management and maintenance. Upon completing this course, you will be able to meet these overall objectives:

- Install Cisco R-Series Rack Enclosures in the data center.

- Use Cisco Integrated Management Controller to provision LAN and SAN connectivity for the C-Series server.

- Use the LSI MegaRAID web user interface to provision local hard drives into a RAID 5 array.

- Implement system management, maintenance, and high availability services for Cisco UCS B-Series.

- Maintain Cisco UCS in a high-availability configuration Implement generation 1 and generation 2 connectivity.

- Implement LAN & SAN connectivity for Cisco UCS B-Series hardware.

- Provision VLANs and fabric interconnect uplinks for server connectivity to the Layer 3 data center cloud.

- Provision VSANs and fabric interconnect Fibre Channel uplinks for server connectivity to the data center storage cloud.

- Provision service profiles with initial and updating templates Implement virtualization features.

- Provision Cisco VM-FEX


1: Implement Cisco UCS C-Series Rack
- Implementing Cisco R-Series Rack Enclosures

- Installing Cisco UCS C-Series Server Hardware

- Installing Cisco UCS C-Series Servers in a Cisco R-Series Rack Enclosure

- Updating Cisco UCS C-Series Firmware with the Host Upgrade Utility

- Provisioning Monitoring and Logging on the Cisco UCS C-Series Server

- Provisioning LAN and SAN Connectivity in the Cisco Integrated Management Controller

- Provisioning RAID on the Cisco UCS C-Series Server

- Installing VMware ESXi on the Cisco UCS C-Series Server Local RAID Array

2: Manage the Cisco UCS B-Series

- Implementing RBAC

- Managing and Upgrading Cisco UCS B-Series Firmware

- Implementing Backup, Import, and Restore of the Cisco UCS Manager Database

- Implementing Logging and Monitoring

- Implementing High Availability

3: Implement Cisco UCS B-Series Connectivity

- Implementing Cisco UCS B-Series Physical Connectivity

- Installing Cisco UCS B-Series Hardware

- Implementing Cisco UCS B-Series LAN Connectivity

- Implementing Cisco UCS B-Series SAN Connectivity

4: Provision Cisco UCS Compute Resources

- Provisioning the Cisco UCS Cluster

- Provisioning LAN Networking

- Provisioning SAN Networking

- Provisioning Resource Pools in Cisco UCS Manager

- Provisioning Server Policies in Cisco UCS Manager

- Provisioning Service Profiles from Templates in Cisco UCS Manager

- Provisioning Cisco UCS C-Series Server Integration in Cisco UCS Manager

5: Implement Cisco UCS Server Virtualization Features

- Provisioning Cisco VM-FEX and Cisco VM-FEX Universal Pass-Through

- Provisioning Cisco VM-FEX

- Provisioning Cisco VM-FEX Universal Pass-Through

Course Labs

- Lab 1-1: Perform Initial C-Series Implementation

- Lab 1-2: Update Cisco UCS C-Series Firmware from the Cisco UCS Host Upgrade Utility

- Lab 1-3: Implement LAN and SAN Connectivity

- Lab 1-4: Install VMware ESXi on the Local RAID and Verify SAN Connectivity

- Lab 2-1: Provision Cisco UCS Ethernet Connectivity and Management IP Pools

- Lab 2-2: Configure RBAC

- Lab 2-3: Back Up and Restore Cisco UCS Manager Database Objects

- Lab 2-4: Configure Logging in Cisco UCS

- Lab 4-1: Provision Identity and Resource Pools

- Lab 4-2: Provision Mobile Service Profiles from Updating Templates

- Lab 4-3: Test High Availability

- Lab 5-1: Provision VMware Integration

- Lab 5-2: Provision M81-KR Cisco VM-FEX

- Lab 5-3: Provision M81-KR Cisco VM-FEX Universal Pass-Through

Wer sollte teilnehmen:


- Network Designer
- Server Administrator

- Network Engineer

- Systems Engineer

- Consulting Systems Engineer

- Technical Solutions Architect

- Cisco Integrators and Partners


- Understanding of server system design and architecture Familiarity with Ethernet and TCP / IP networking Familiarity with SANs Familiarity with Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP)
- Understanding of Cisco Enterprise Data Center Architecture Familiarity with hypervisor technologies (VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Xen)

- Attendance of the following Cisco learning offerings is recommended to fully benefit from this course: Configuring Cisco Data Center Unified Computing (DCUCS)


Vortrag, Übungen, Praktikum am System.


Empfohlenes Training für die Zertifizierung zum:

Cisco Certified Network Professional Data Center (CCNP Data Center)

Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Support Specialist

Cisco CCIE Data Center (CCIE Data Center)

Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Design Specialist

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