Seminar \ nr. 17535

Schulung - Transforming Sound Concepts into Convincing Presentations - From the idea to a well-structured and effective presentation

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Seminar Nr. : 17535
Dauer : 3 Tage (18 Stunden)

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In almost all areas concepts are developed to implement ideas. For example, when setting up a quality management system, when launching a new product or when implementing a specialist concept in a technical concept.
In this seminar you will learn how to describe and analyse complex subject matter quickly. You will strengthen your skills in analysing material more clearly, comprehending complex processes more quickly, developing high quality concepts and preparing presentations.


Wer sollte teilnehmen:


Exercutives on all levels, project managers, team leaders and project staff.


No particular previous knowledge.



Introduction to Concept Development: What are concepts used for? - The areas of application - What makes a good concept - Types of concepts - The concept model

Clarifying Tasks and Goals: Defining the problem - Goals and wishes of the client - General conditions: Time, money, persons involved - Brainstorming and finding ideas - Research

Analysing Tasks: Ordering and structuring - Structuring tasks - Structured analysis - Recognising complex relationships - Basics of task analysis

Working Out Solutions: Conceptional thinking - Basics of solution finding - Developing problem-solving strategies

Evaluating and Selecting Alternatives: Systematic preparation of decisions - Methods and techniques in decision making

Writing Concepts: Documenting the results effectively - The structure of a concept - Designing perfect decision papers - Quality aspects of a successful concept

Preparing a Concept Presentation: Structure and quality of a presentation - Media, strengths and limits - Director´s notes - Dealing with objectives - Safety concept - Rhetorical nuances



Lecture, discussion, group work, examples from everyday practice of participants

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