Schulung: Effective Presentations

Preparing and Holding Presentations

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Presenting proposals or results effectively is often critical to the success of projects and the buy-in and implementation of concepts. After you have attended this seminar, you will be able to tailor your presentation to your target audience, employ visualisation media correctly and effectively, and establish and follow a presentation roadmap.


Presentation and target audience:
Definitions: presentation, lecture, negotiation, training course - Significance of the presentation - Analysis of the target audience

Structure of the presentation, visualisation principles:

Starting off - Middle phase - Ending the presentation - Presenting yourself - Breaking the ice - Humor - Visualisation rules - Visualisation elements - Charts - Layout elements

Presentation media:

Media usage and significance - Flipcharts - Pinboards - Techniques and tools - Choosing the right media - Mixing media - Using handouts - Using an LCD projector correctly - Slide shows - Multimedia

Organisation and presentation:

Preparation - Practice presentation - Effective sequencing - The arena (room, seating arrangement) - Choosing the date - Timing

Dealing with interruptions, criticism and discussion:

Criticism as an opportunity - Dealing with major and justified criticism - Dealing with unfair criticism - Control and discussion - Discussion rules

How to portray yourself effectively:

Preparing yourself mentally - Using stage fright to your advantage - The first impression - Self portrayal - Language - Speech techniques - Body language - Commitment - Audience orientation

Wer sollte teilnehmen:


Managers and experts from all corporate areas.


Adequate command of English.


Lecture, discussion, group work, presentations, video recordings and analyses.

Dauer: 2 Tage (12 Stunden )
Nr. 17600

Beginn: 10:00
Dauer: 2 Tage (12 Stunden )
Nr. 17600
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Seminarbuchung Orte und Termine
24 Jun - 25 Jun 2019Integrata AG Stuttgart
Integrata AG Stuttgart
Lautenschlagerstraße 23
70173 Stuttgart
18 Nov - 19 Nov 2019Integrata AG Hamburg
Integrata AG Hamburg
Schleidenstraße 3
22083 Hamburg
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