Seminar \ nr. 17613

Schulung - Essential International Communication

Cultural Differences - Effective Writing - Professional Telephoning

  • 2 Tage
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Seminar Nr. : 17613
Dauer : 2 Tage (12 Stunden)

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The business world speaks and writes in English. For successful international communication you need the appropriate sensitivity when contacting other cultures. In addition, a professional use of language tools is becoming increasingly more important. This seminar deals with both these aspects.


Wer sollte teilnehmen:


All employees with international business contacts.


Adequate command of English.



Intercultural communication as your personal competence:
Intercultural influences on business success - Introduction of the most important culture standards such as direct and indirect communication, handling stereotypes and prejudice, monochronic and polychronic understanding of time, importance of the relationship level in business - Tips and suggestions of how to handle intercultural differences in emails and on the phone in a professional manner

Business writing:

Standards and conventions in international writing - Politeness and diplomacy in written English - The most important "phrases" for good style - Text structures which are to the advantage of the writer and the reader - How to write clearly and concisely and with regard to intercultural differences - Tips for professional and modern emails - Special aspects: capitals, prepositions in writing, abbreviations, correct spelling etc.

Telephone English:

Special conventions in international telephone calls - How to build up a good relationship on the phone - Politeness on the phone and professional telephone language - Speaking on the phone with confidence and by optimal use of language and voice - Language tools such as: appropriate question techniques, repeating and checking information, international spelling, taking messages - Taking part in and leading telephone conferences



Presentation, discussion, individual and group work.
The telephone English block centers around practical exercises with a telephone system and personal feedback for the participants.



For your personal feedback during the business writing block please bring 3 mails that you wrote yourself to the seminar.

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