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Schulung - Intercultural Communication with Arab Business Partners

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Seminar Nr. : 17086
Dauer : 1 Tag ( 6 Stunden)

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You will gain insights into the typical structures in Arab companies as well as Arab management, and you will experience how relevant the connection is between history, society and culture. You will know the DOs and DON´Ts of Arab business etiquette and will be able to act appropriately and respectably in all situations with your Arab partners of different social status


Wer sollte teilnehmen:


Specialists and executives having initial or existing contacts with Arab business partners.


Adequate command of English.



Background Knowledge on Arab Countries:
Characteristics of the different countries - History - Islam - Rise of the nation states in Arabia - Consequences

Checking Prejudices and Values in Your Own Culture:

Facts > Attitudes > Behaviour:

Methods for understanding Arab business practices

"DOs & DON'Ts Guide" for Arabia / Arab Business Culture:

Doing Business Is Something Personal:

Attitudes toward time, truth, private and business relationships, communication, life and death


Impact on business

Cross-cultural Communication:

Techniques when dealing with persons from and in the Arab world - Cross culture awareness - Communication tips for Arabia

Basic Knowledge of the Arabic Language and Arab Body Language:

Greeting - Gestures - Laughter/smiles - Manners - Taboos



Presentation, discussion, exchange of experiences, interactive workshop, authentic examples, role plays.

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