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Schulung - Living Diversity - Diversity Training for Employees

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Seminar Nr. : 11281
Dauer : 2 Tage (12 Stunden)

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Every day you have to work with different people in the context of a global economy. This often leads to friction and conflicts and requires that you successfully make use of a wide behavioural repertoire. Often you do not know how to interpret the behaviour of others and how you should behave in order to create a good working atmosphere with fewer conflicts.
This seminar supports you in finding solutions to these problems. It aims at sys-tematically preparing you to deal with the diversity and differences in teams. By means of a systematic presentation of basic knowledge and insights into diversity management, you critically examine your own expectations and unconscious patterns of thought/stereotypes with regard to different diversity dimensions, such as age, gender, different nationalities and, in doing so, are able to review your own judgments and prejudices.

You analyse unconscious patterns of thought with regard to their helpfulness or whether or not they should be discarded or changed. You sharpen your eye for the different strengths of team members and determine how successful you are at dealing with the different abilities of people and using those differences to promote cooperation in the team. From these insights and this reflection you develop suitable behavioural patterns and helpful strategies to deal constructively with very different people.

You reflect and develop specific strategies for and practical solutions to help you in your own everyday situations and conflicts.


Wer sollte teilnehmen:


Employees who work or want to work in heterogeneous teams or projects.


No particular previous knowledge.



What does diversity mean and what kind of diversity do I have in my team?
Diversity dimensions - Diversity in the person - Diversity in the team

How have I dealt with diversity, differences and ambiguous requirements in the past?

Reflection on your own perception - Unconscious patterns of thought - Stereotyping and its effect - Construction of reality - Changing perspectives - Appreciating diversity - Maintaining a respectful attitude - Values

What are the typical unconscious patterns of thought related to differences in the company?

Diversity/differences in the company - Stereotypes with regard to the dimensions, gender, age and nationality - Strengths and differences - Perception of individual particularities of employees in mixed teams

What are the consequences with regard to my own behaviour?

Diversity in your own team/project – Identifying strengths in differences - Dealing constructively with the effects of diversity - Consequences for common work processes - Brokering processes

How can we work together constructively and respectfully in the team?

Conscious approach to diversity - Diversity as a resource - Trust, acceptance and mutual respect - Developing common learning and working processes

How can I solve my own example cases and develop adequate action strategies?

Examining real situations and developing strategies for your own actions based on personal cases and conflicts with collegial advice



Brief input, presentation, discussion and sharing experiences, individual and group work, exercises, practice-oriented learning methods, self-reflection and Status, (re-)assessment, collegial advice on own cases, balance between knowledge enhancement and development-oriented concept

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