Schulung: Negotiating Successfully with Arab Business Partners

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In order to negotiate successfully with Arab partners, you must adapt your negotiating skills and learn the necessary strategies and tactics specific to Arab countries. It is also important that you optimise your intercultural skills for this particular region.
This seminar will help you to become more familiar with the interests of your Arab business partners, to set price marks for negotiations, to define opening positions, to use jokers, to learn give and take as a negotiating principle, to understand that it is important to allow all participants to keep face as a basic principle even when there is a difference of opinion or when one is under pressure, and to adopt a win-win attitude


What is negotiating? How do you negotiate?:

Which qualities are characteristic of negotiations with Arabs?:

Basic Rules for Ideal Negotiation Preparations:

The Win-Win Principle:

Giving & Taking: Rules:

Different Negotiating Strategies for Arabia:

Good/bad - Arbitrator - Harvard - Adapting Harvard to the Arab business world

Difficult Negotiating Situations:

Adapting to the situation - Developing alternatives - Effective use of breaks in negotiations - How to act in deadlocked situations

Body Language in the Arab World:

Wer sollte teilnehmen:


Specialists and executives having initial or existing contacts to Arab business partners.


Own cultural experiences in Arab countries / with Arab business partners or basic knowledge from the seminar 07086 "Intercultural Communication with Arab Business Partners". Adequate command of English.


Presentation, discussion, exchange of experiences, interactive workshop, authentic examples, role plays.

Dauer: 1 Tag (6 Stunden )
Nr. 17087
Dauer: 1 Tag (6 Stunden )
Nr. 17087
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