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Schulung - Presenting and Defending Your Position - Winning Over Stakeholders!

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Seminar Nr. : 17622
Dauer : 2 Tage (12 Stunden)

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You prepare for situations in which decisions will be taken in meetings and in which you will encounter conflicting interests. Adversaries who have something at stake and others who are entitled to vote but who are not directly involved and who may, in the end, cast the deciding votes - they all come together and interact in this field of potential conflict. Such situations require that the speaker draw on all his/her skills and experience to convince the audience: sound argumentation, targeted use of emotions and using body language to send the right signals. This training will influence your personal style and increase the effectiveness of your communication.


Wer sollte teilnehmen:


Specialists and executives, team leaders and project managers.




Decision-making behaviour of individuals and groups: Insights from socio-psychology - Stakeholder analysis - Micro-politics

The axis of empathy and respect: Optimising body language - Signalling competence - Key stimuli of identification

From argument to message: Preparing factual issues - 30 seconds for the core message - Exercising the power of definition

Images, examples and metaphors: Use of rhetorical elements - Creating relevance - Emotionalising for a purpose

Dealing with resistance and objectives: Steering decisions - Mastering different levels - Arguing under pressure



Trainer input, multi-media input, debating, working on case supplied by participants, individual and group work, feedback

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