Seminar \ nr. 17635

Schulung - Social Competence - Social Skills and Successful Interpersonal Communication

  • 3 Tage
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Seminar Nr. : 17635
Dauer : 3 Tage (18 Stunden)

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In this training for social competence you will learn to combine personal authority with sincerity and a positive personality. Success is not possible without social competence. This seminar is the first step in this direction. It will help you to expand your scope of activity and will enable you to use available resources more effectively. You will receive thought-provoking impulses with which you can evaluate and reevaluate different experiences.


Wer sollte teilnehmen:


Specialists, junior executives, project managers.


Adequate command of English.



Personality competence: Self-perception and how others perceive us - Perception filters - Channels through which we are perceived - Expanding the personal repertoire of behaviour - Clear and ambiguous messages - Perception-interpretation-emotion: Basis for reactions - Changing the subjective experience: Target physiologies

Self-management: Positions and attitudes - Paradigms of human interaction - Individual behavioural habits and patterns - Attitudes and their effect on behaviour - Basic suppositions as guiding principles - Self-fulfilling prophecies

Communicative competence: I-messages - Defusing situations verbally: para-phrasing - Fundamental principles of human communication - Social competence in contact with difficult communication partners - Communication structure in difficult situations - Communication barriers - Communication patterns - Formulating feedback constructively

Conflict competence: Symptoms and causes of conflict - Dealing with conflicts destructively and constructively - Taking responsibility for yourself - Possibilities that individuals have for change and decision-making in groups - Positive team and leadership behaviour in groups - Strategies to overcome conflict - Practical implementation possibilities for conflict-solving strategies in business situations



Presentation, discussion and exchange of experiences, exercises, video recordings and analyses, role-plays, practical examples from everyday business life of participants.

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