Schulung: Working with Germans

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As an expat working in Germany or as foreign manager doing business with Germans you may experience some unexpected difficulties and a high density of rules to follow. This management training will provide you with the background to understand where issues and differences arise in a multi-cultural context. It will help you to discover new strategies and solutions to deal with these differences and build the best synergies for successful cooperation.


Short introduction of culture:
Definition of culture - My own culture and German culture - Background to cultural development

Cultural dimensions and culture specific behaviour:

Dimensions of culture according to Hofstede and Trompenaars - Direct and indirect communication styles - German cultural values and where they come from

Communication with German colleagues:

Low-context style of communication - Communication patterns in companies - How to deal with the German direct no - Welcome and taboo topics for small talk

German business etiquette:

First contacts and handshakes - The correct way of addressing people -"Du" and "Sie" as well as the appropriate name - Hierarchies - Building up a business relationship - Separation of work and private life

Daily Business in Germany:

Role of the superior - Decision making processes - Dealing with co-workers and colleagues - Common understanding of meetings, agendas, presentation styles and meeting minutes - The importance of punctuality

How to build communication bridges to create a new orientation system for successful cooperation:

Wer sollte teilnehmen:


Expats working in a German business environment or managers of German staff.


Adequate command of English.


Trainer input, discussion, role plays, case studies and comparison of best-practice scenarios.

Dauer: 1 Tag (6 Stunden )
Nr. 7093
Dauer: 1 Tag (6 Stunden )
Nr. 7093
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